30 Brazilian Women Street Artist you should know

 Watch Out for these street artists in 2016


Put these hopefuls on your radar this year. These girls are rocking the streets.

Allow us to introduce 30 amazing female street artists we choose.

There are certainly more brazilian women street artists to know and love. But here are some of the most exciting RIGHT NOW.




1. Magrela


2. Criola

2- Criola


3. Panmela Castro

3-Panmela Castro


4.-Tereza De Quinta (Acidum Project)

4-Tereza De Quinta (Acidum Project)








7.-Nina Pandolfo

7-Nina Pandolfo


8.- Tarsila Schubert

8- Tarsila Schubert


9.- Lygia (Alto Contraste)

9- Livia (Alto Contraste)

10.- Bolinho



11.- Ju Violeta

11-Ju Violeta


12.- Waleska Nomura
12- Wa


13.- Jana Joana

13- Jana Joana


14.- Grazie Gra

14-Grazie Gra


15.- Nina Moraes
15- Nina Moraes


16.- Simone Siss

16-Simone Siss

17.- Katia Suzue

17- Katia Suzue


18.- Ananda Nahu

18- Ananda Nahu


19.- Karina de Toledo “Kot”
19- Kot


20.- Joana Cesar

20-Joana Cesar


21.- Luna Buschinelli

21-Luna Buschinelli


22.- Lelê Paes

22-Lelê Paes


23.- Paula Plim



24.- Sinhá



25.- Lunab



26.- Thais Ueda “Hana Bi”

26-Hana Bi


27.-Lola Cauchick
27-Lola Cauchick


28.-Clara Valente

28-Clara Valente


29.-Renata Maniassi

29-Renata Maniassi



30.-Mari Mats

30-Mari Mats





Mado Lopez






Débora Auni

29-Débora Auni


Lídia Viber

lidia viber






The criteria we used for choose these 30 female street artists. It simple, who is more active on the streets. Who is doing more murals and street pieces not related to commercial works or brands.

We would like to promote those artists who are working like independent on the streets and not only on canvas, events, and commission walls. Of course other list criteria we used to choose these street artist is the style. We selected female street artist who have more unique style. Wich are easier to be recognized among others.

Let us know your favorites in the comments.



Our list made only by Brazilian Street Artists.

2015 it was a good year for Street Art in Brazil. We had so many good festivals, events and projects just  like “O.bra festival”, “Art Rua 2015”, “ X Semana Fernando Furlanetto”, “Festival Concreto”,  “Goiás em Cores”, “Além da Rua” and “Telas Urbanas”. All these festivals and projects left us big beautiful buildings covered with colors and amazing murals in many different locations at Brazil. We hope 2016 can be good as 2015 or even better.

Because Street Art ignites changes. We believe Street Art can transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. It stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. That’s all about giving back to a community or to the city through creativity and art.

The criteria we used for choose these 30 murals its simple, any mural is related to commercial works or brands. The thing that stands out in all of the “best murals” that went up is the concept, the size, the placement and the original style.

Most artists can paint a beautiful and colorful mural, but what makes an astounding street artist and mural is the ability to create a unique vision, to transform the landscape, not only by colors but as well with message, ideas and concept. That makes people change they daily life thought the murals that can be seen at the public space.

We don’t want to say who is “best or better” by this list. Numbers have no influence  as well. We only want to promote “Street Art” made by brazilian artists. As we can see there is not many website and blogs that promote or focus more on Street Art from Brazil. But there is many artists working hard on the streets right here.




1. Nunca


2. Rimon Guimarães

2-Rimon Guimarães

3. Cena 7

3-Cena 7

4. Paulo Ito

4-Paulo Ito

5. Zéh Palito


6. Alex Senna

6- Alex Senna

7. Bicicleta Sem Freio

7-Bicicleta Sem Freio

8. Enivo

8- enivo

9. Magrela


10. Tinho + Carlos Vergara

10-Tinho + Carlos Vergara

11.  Acidum Project

11-acidum project

12. Leonardo Smania

12- Leonardo Smania

13. Thiago Toes


14. Ramon Martins

14-ramon martins

15. Toz


16. Vitché + Jana Joana

16-Vitché + Jana Joana

17. L7m


18. Rafael Hayashi

18-rafael hayashi

19. Ethos


20. Mateus Bailon

20-Mateus Bailon

21. Treco


22. Criola


23. Wes Gama

23-Wes Gama

24. Ricardo AKN + Alto Contraste

24-Ricardo AKN + alto contraste

25. Bozó


26. Apolo Torres

26-apolo torres

27. Fredone


28.  Arlin Graff


29. Leiga


30. William Mophos

30-william mophos



Eduardo Fonseca

Eduardo Fonseca





Raul Zito

Raul Zito

Thiago Alvim + Gabriel Kieling

28-Thiago Alvim + Gabriel Kieling

Dinho Bento

 Daniel Melim




Panmela Castro




OBS:  We didn’t choose any mural of individuals or label then as a “street artists” for those who are self proclaim to be “Graffiti Writers” saying that what they do is Graffiti and not Street Art. Because there are a few names who are very active on the streets, and have a respected name and style that we would make they art to be included on our list.

So if your favorite “street artist” who is really famous has no mural included on this list. Before you criticize this list make sure to know the difference between Graffiti  and  Street Art . Also if your favorite “street artist” is not just painting at vila madalena, doing commercial work, painting only for events, brands, indoor and commission walls .

This list is made it by people who really love Street Art and know what is really going on in the streets of Brazil.