Month: February 2016

30 Brazilian Women Street Artist you should know

 Watch Out for these street artists in 2016


Put these hopefuls on your radar this year. These girls are rocking the streets.

Allow us to introduce 30 amazing female street artists we choose.

There are certainly more brazilian women street artists to know and love. But here are some of the most exciting RIGHT NOW.




1. Magrela


2. Criola

2- Criola


3. Panmela Castro

3-Panmela Castro


4.-Tereza De Quinta (Acidum Project)

4-Tereza De Quinta (Acidum Project)








7.-Nina Pandolfo

7-Nina Pandolfo


8.- Tarsila Schubert

8- Tarsila Schubert


9.- Lygia (Alto Contraste)

9- Livia (Alto Contraste)

10.- Bolinho



11.- Ju Violeta

11-Ju Violeta


12.- Waleska Nomura
12- Wa


13.- Jana Joana

13- Jana Joana


14.- Grazie Gra

14-Grazie Gra


15.- Nina Moraes
15- Nina Moraes


16.- Simone Siss

16-Simone Siss

17.- Katia Suzue

17- Katia Suzue


18.- Ananda Nahu

18- Ananda Nahu


19.- Karina de Toledo “Kot”
19- Kot


20.- Joana Cesar

20-Joana Cesar


21.- Luna Buschinelli

21-Luna Buschinelli


22.- Lelê Paes

22-Lelê Paes


23.- Paula Plim



24.- Sinhá



25.- Lunab



26.- Thais Ueda “Hana Bi”

26-Hana Bi


27.-Lola Cauchick
27-Lola Cauchick


28.-Clara Valente

28-Clara Valente


29.-Renata Maniassi

29-Renata Maniassi



30.-Mari Mats

30-Mari Mats





Mado Lopez






Débora Auni

29-Débora Auni


Lídia Viber

lidia viber






The criteria we used for choose these 30 female street artists. It simple, who is more active on the streets. Who is doing more murals and street pieces not related to commercial works or brands.

We would like to promote those artists who are working like independent on the streets and not only on canvas, events, and commission walls. Of course other list criteria we used to choose these street artist is the style. We selected female street artist who have more unique style. Wich are easier to be recognized among others.

Let us know your favorites in the comments.