Month: January 2015

“The 20 best murals of 2014”

Our list made only by Brazilian Street Artists.

The criteria we used for choose these 20 murals its simple, any mural is related to commercial works or brands. The thing that stands out in all of the best murals that went up is the concept, the size, the placement and the style.

Most individuals can paint a mural, but what makes an astounding street artist and mural is the ability to create a unique vision, to transform the landscape, not only by colors but as well with message, ideas and concept. That makes people change they daily life thought the murals that can be seen at the public space.

Our main purpose is not say “who is the best” we only want to promote street art made by brazilian artists. As we can see there is not many website and blogs that promote or focus more on street art from Brazil.

1. Alexandre Orion

1- Alexandre Orion

2. Nunca


3. Ramon Martins

3- Ramon Martins

4. Zéh Palito

Zéh Palito

5. Rimon Guimarães

5- Rimon Guimarães

6. Ethos

6- Ethos

7. Speto

7- Speto

8. Ficore

8- Ficore

9. Bicicleta Sem Freio

9- Bicicleta Sem Freio

10. Apollo Torres

10- Apollo torres

11. Kobra

11- Kobra

12. Rodrigo Branco

12- Rodrigo Branco

13. Derlon

13- Derlon

14. L7m

14- L7m

15. B-47 + Daniel Melim + Odirlei Regazzo

15-B-47 + Daniel Melim


16. Toes + Gafi + William Mophos

16-Toes + Gafi + William Mophos

17. Thiago Goms

17-Thiago Goms

18. Paulo Ito

18-Paulo Ito

19. Mateus Bailon

19-Mateus Bailon

20. Kboco + Selon

20- Kboco + Selon